IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
7–9 August 2024 // Hangzhou, China


The program information of all the Workshops are listed here:

WS-1: Communication, Computing, and Sensing in 6G Space-Air-Ground-Sea Integrated Networks

WS-2: Computer Power Network (CPN) for 6G and Future Networks

WS-3: Emerging Metaverse and 6G Massive/Immersive Communications (6G Metaverse)

WS-4: Digital Twins and Pervasive Intelligence Synergy in Next-Gen 6G Networks (DTPI-6G)

WS-5: Distributed and Integrated Communication, Sensing, and Computing in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks for 6G

WS-6: Data-Model Integration (DMI) for Wireless Advancements

WS-7: Channel Knowledge Map for Environment-Aware Communications and Sensing

WS-8: Network Softwarization Techniques for IoT Application (NetSoftIoT)

WS-9: Intelligence-native and Cooperation-native RAN for 6G

WS-10: Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) Modulation and Delay-Doppler Waveforms for Communications and Sensing

WS-11: Integrated Sensing, Computation and Communication towards 6G

WS-12: Aim at First 6G Release: From Theory to Standards

WS-13: Theory, Technology, and Applications for Semantic Communications

WS-14: Frontier Applications of Array Signal Processing in Future Wireless

WS-15: Cyber-Physical Security of Wind Energy Conversion System

WS-16: Key Technologies of Low-Latency and High-Security Internet of Things

WS-17: Empowering Wireless Communications and Networking with Generative AI

WS-18: Semantic Communications for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

WS-19: Emerging Communication and Networking Technologies for Autonomous Unmanned Systems

WS-20: Enhancing Robotic Capabilities through Cloud and Fog Computing Paradigms