IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
7–9 August 2024 // Hangzhou, China
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Frontier Applications of Array Signal Processing in Future Wireless

Frontier Applications of Array Signal Processing in Future Wireless

IEEE ICCC 2024 Workshop on

Frontier Applications of Array Signal Processing in Future Wireless

Hangzhou, China|7-9 August 2024



Zongyu Zhang, Zhejiang University, China,

Guangyang Zeng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China,

Ying Liu, Zhejiang University, China,

Xiangtian Meng, Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai, China,

Heng Zhao, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China,

Bin Li, YangZhou Polytechnic College / Zhejiang University,


Mingming Bai, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore,

Yiwei Liao, Sichuan University, China,

Kang Hu, Alibaba Cloud Computing Co. Ltd, China,




Increasingly, array signal processing is being widely applied in wireless communication systems to better serve a massive number of communication users and complex communication scenarios. Traditional research on wireless communication system usually relies on Shannon information for communication channel estimation and encoding/decoding design. However, the significant advantages of antenna arrays in spatial domain signal processing are underutilized, which could further enhance communication quality. In recent years, the emerging field of integrating sensing and communication has explored the application of array signal processing techniques in communication systems. However, advanced technologies such as high-accuracy and high-efficiency parameter estimation, robust beamforming, array structure design for large-scale wireless communication, distributed arrays and base stations joint signal processing, polarized spatial array signal processing, AI-enabled array signal processing, and application of array-based IoT in wireless communication still require further research specifically tailored for practical and complex communication scenarios. This workshop aims at bringing together the researchers and practitioners interested in array signal processing for future wireless to address the topic, present their novel solutions, and discuss technical challenges.



  • AI-based array signal processing enabling wireless communication
  • High-accuracy target parameter estimation method
  • Performance bound analysis and application in wireless communication system design
  • Array-based channel state information estimation
  • One-bit array signal processing in wireless communication
  • Single snapshot array signal processing in wireless communication
  • Enabling array signal processing over graph to wireless communication
  • Communication signal-based array signal processing
  • Sparse array-based array signal processing in wireless communication system
  • Array signal processing in IoT communication
  • Array signal processing in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communication
  • Array signal processing for wireless communication in high-dynamic scenario
  • Polarized antenna array enabling wireless communication
  • Beam space array signal processing in wireless communication system
  • Reconfigurable back-scattering communication system based on time modulation
  • Enabling distributed arrays/base stations signal processing in wireless communication
  • Efficient decentralized parameter estimation in wireless communication system
  • Robust and adaptive array signal processing in complex communication scenarios
  • Resource allocation and system optimization between array signal processing and wireless communication



FengGang Yan, Super resolution direction finding and its applications, Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai, China



Deadline for paper submission: 1 June 2024  17 June 2024  20 June 2024

Date for notification: 15 June 2024  1 July 2024 3 July 2024

Deadline for final paper submission: 1 July 2024  7 July 2024 10 July 2024



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