IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
7–9 August 2024 // Hangzhou, China
Ubiquitous Communications @ Future

Emerging Metaverse and 6G Massive/Immersive Communications (6G Metaverse)

Emerging Metaverse and 6G Massive/Immersive Communications (6G Metaverse)

IEEE ICCC 2024 Workshop on

Emerging Metaverse and 6G Massive/Immersive Communications (6G Metaverse)

Hangzhou, China|7-9 August 2024


Zhen Gao, Beijing Institute of Technology, China,

Ziwei Wan, University of Surrey, UK,

Li Qiao, Imperial College London, UK,

De Mi, Birmingham City University, UK,

Derrick Wing Kwan Ng, University of New South Wales, Australia,

Sami Muhaidat, Khalifa University, UAE,




Metaverse is a vision enabling to integrate the real and virtualized worlds, empowered by various techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and extended reality (XR). Given that the core of the Metaverse lies in the interconnection, the advanced 6G wireless network is considered as an indispensable part of the Metaverse. Based on the three pillar scenarios in the previous 5G networks, the ITU-R has recently endorsed their advanced versions in 6G research. Specifically, the eMBB and the mMTC are enhanced to massive communication and immersive communication, respectively, followed by more stringent requirements. On the one hand, immersive communication, requiring much larger transmission bandwidth than eMBB in 5G, covers a wide range of novel use cases, including the XR and holographic communications, which serve as the building block of the Metaverse. On the other hand, massive communication, the advanced version of mMTC, intends to support connectivity of a huge number of devices, possibly in a relatively small area, and thus to support the realization of the Metaverse. Emerging technologies, such as millimeter-wave/terahertz (mmWave/THz) communications, massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), integrated sensing and communications (ISAC), artificial intelligence (AI), etc., are urgently required to support massive communication and immersive communication and thus to realize the paradigm shifts towards the Metaverse and future 6G networks.

This workshop serves as a platform to explore innovative solutions that will define the emerging architecture, protocols, and strategies for the Metaverse and emerging 6G techniques, with an emphasis on massive communication and immersive communication.



Contributions are solicited in, but not necessarily limited to, the following topics:

  • Intelligent signal processing for the Metaverse and 6G
  • Intelligent communication and networking for the Metaverse and 6G
  • MmWave/THz-based immersive communications
  • Extremely large MIMO for massive/immersive communications
  • Reconfigurable intelligent surface for the Metaverse and 6G
  • Integrated sensing and communications (ISAC) for the Metaverse and 6G
  • Satellite and terrestrial network integration in 6G
  • Semantic communications for the Metaverse and 6G
  • Next-generation massive connectivity protocols
  • Full Duplex communications for the Metaverse and 6G
  • Next-generation network architecture
  • AI-based spectrum management and allocation
  • Network security and privacy in 6G
  • AI-based cross-layer optimization for the Metaverse and 6G
  • Real-world implementations and use cases.



Deadline for paper submission: 1 June 2024  17 June 2024  20 June 2024

Date for notification: 15 June 2024  1 July 2024 3 July 2024

Deadline for final paper submission: 1 July 2024  7 July 2024 10 July 2024



All papers for workshop should be submitted via EDAS through the following link: