IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
7–9 August 2024 // Hangzhou, China
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Cyber-Physical Security of Wind Energy Conversion System

Cyber-Physical Security of Wind Energy Conversion System

IEEE ICCC 2024 Workshop on

Cyber-Physical Security of Wind Energy Conversion System

Hangzhou, China|7-9 August 2024


Ruilong Deng, Zhejiang University, China, Email:

Shiyi Zhao, Zhejiang University, China, Email:

Xuguo Jiao, Qingdao University of Technology, China, Email:

Jinhui Xia, Southeast University, China, Email:



The continuing global expansion of the wind industry provides strong support for improving the energy mix and alleviating resource shortage. In typical wind energy conversion systems (WECS), vulnerabilities such as remote deployment, fragile communication networks, and simple control protocols significantly increase the possibility of the involved devices and processes being compromised and affected by cyber threats/attacks, with potentially catastrophic consequences. Therefore, high-security communication and high-precision control for WECS have become active areas of research.

This workshop targets research contributions ranging from fundamental communication/control performance analysis results to practical algorithm/system design, implementation, and testbed demonstration that enhance the security of WECS. Specifically, this workshop will focus on the research topics that advance the cyber resilient infrastructure, communication architectures, risk assessment and management, and privacy preservation of the WECS. Contributions investigating the vulnerabilities of existing communication and networking technologies to support the communication requirements for WECS are encouraged as well.

The objective of this workshop is to encourage the dissemination of new concepts and ideas on the cyber-physical security issues of WECS. Researchers from both academia and industry are invited to submit original and unpublished works.



Topics of interests for the Workshop of Cyber-Physical Security of Wind Energy Conversion System include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Models of WECS security and privacy
  • Network security for communication in WECS
  • Communication protocol design for information collection and control applications in WECS
  • Communication interference assessment and mitigation in WECS
  • Privacy-preserving data communication and storage
  • Data-aided machine learning and artificial intelligence-based approaches (e.g., digital twins) to support secure communication
  • Identifying and detecting indicators of compromise (IoCs) against cyber attacks
  • Detection, mitigation and prevention of cyber attacks
  • Cyber resilience techniques for wind turbine control
  • End-edge-cloud architectures for distributed computing and control considering cyber-physical security issues
  • Hardware security for WECS (tamper-resistant device technologies and root of trust)



Deadline for paper submission: 1 June 2024  17 June 2024  20 June 2024

Date for notification: 15 June 2024  1 July 2024 3 July 2024

Deadline for final paper submission: 1 July 2024  7 July 2024 10 July 2024



All papers for workshop should be submitted via EDAS through the following link: