IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
7–9 August 2024 // Hangzhou, China
Ubiquitous Communications @ Future

Computer Power Network (CPN) for 6G and Future Networks

Computer Power Network (CPN) for 6G and Future Networks

IEEE ICCC 2024 Workshop on

Computer Power Network (CPN) for 6G and Future Networks

Hangzhou, China|7-9 August 2024


Xing Zhang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China.,

Wei Wang, Zhejiang University, China,

Bo Lei, China Telecom Research Institute, China,



Computing Power Network (CPN), which is a new network architecture and paradigm with computing-measurable, perceptible, distributable, dispatchable and manageable capabilities for 6G and future networks. Computing Power Network (CPN) is the joint optimization of computing and network resources, which has become a hot topic in the industries of information technology and communication technology. It connects the diverse computing power of the cloud-edge-end in network to achieve deep integration and collaborative awareness between computing and networking. The computing-power network solves the scalability problem caused by the limited resources of a single edge computing node, so that applications can access resources distributed in different locations intelligently, elastically and on-demand in real time. Computing power network can better schedule computing tasks flexibly according to business needs, resource load, network conditions and other multidimensional factors, and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance in mobile computing. It not only ensures the user experience, but also improves the overall efficiency and resource utilization of the network.

Computing power network (CPN) framework and architecture (Y.CPN-Arch) recommendation has been approved at ITU-T SG13 Rapporteur meeting which recommendation number Y.2501. ITU-T opened the 2500 series number for “Computing Power Networks”, and the related work items have been started and are in progress.

In 2023 we organized the first workshop on Computer Power Network (CPN) for 6G and Future Networks. As the concept of CPN has extended to various communications fields, we continue organize the 2nd workshop on CPN. Computing Power Network will provide flexible and collaborative computing power to achieve high throughput of the network, agile connection of edge nodes and balanced selection of various resource, meet the computing power requirements of delay-sensitive and computing-intensive tasks and in the 6G mobile communication era and future networks, and realize pervasive computing for information acquisition and processing at anytime, anywhere, embracing the new era of machine intelligence.



We seek original completed and unpublished work not currently under review by any other journal/ magazine/conference. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectures for computing power network
  • Computing modelling for computing power network
  • Computing routing technology and computing-announcement technology
  • Resource allocation and collaboration for cloud, network, edge and terminal
  • Security and privacy in computing and network convergence
  • Satellite computing power network (SCPN)
  • Trusted computing trading platform for computing power network
  • Computing and network convergence technology for edge intelligence application
  • Novel applications and services based on computing and network convergence
  • Digital Twin for computing and network Convergence
  • Integrated and hierarchical computing services in computing and network convergence
  • DetNet (Deterministic Network) for computing power network



Deadline for paper submission: 1 June 2024  17 June 2024  20 June 2024

Date for notification: 15 June 2024  1 July 2024 3 July 2024

Deadline for final paper submission: 1 July 2024  7 July 2024 10 July 2024



All papers for workshop should be submitted via EDAS through the following link: